NOTOX Signature Glow

The NOTOX Signature Glow combines the powerful benefits of our NCTF Skin Rejuvenation treatment with a Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Cryotherapy Massage to leave your skin rejuvenated and glowing!

  • Reduces puffiness
  • Retexturizes & improves skin texture
  • Plumps & brightens the skin
  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
  • Shrinks pores
  • Smooths skin

The NOTOX Signature Glow reduces puffiness, retexturizes, plumps and brightens the skin, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles!

NOTOX Signature Glow


Get your glow on with this luxe line-up that includes our skin-boosting NCTF Mesolift treatment, derma rolling, lymphatic drainage massage and cryotherapy massage. The NOTOX Signature Glow is as results-driven as it is relaxing.

Treatment Includes:

  • NCTF Mesolift Treatment
  • Derma Roller (to take home)
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Cryotherapy Massage

What is NOTOX?


NOTOX is a unique and exclusive program developed by Body Catalyst, combining medical-grade modalities and cosmeceutical skincare.

It combines a revolutionary blend of advanced technologies, massage techniques and cosmeceuticals designed to rejuvenate, lift and improve the underlying skin structure for long-lasting results.

Get to know the 4 NOTOX treatments designed to transform your face naturally!
 NOTOX treatments range from 30-minute sessions at just $299 to our 30-day ultimate, does-it-all program. 

Our unique and exclusive NOTOX treatments include:

The NOTOX Signature Glow Treatment Includes

NCTF Skin Rejuvenation 

NCTF (New Cellular Treatment Factor) is our skin booster treatment that helps to promote radiant and hydrated skin. The treatment has three steps which include exfoliant, derma roller and soothing mask.

The NCTF treatment starts with a double cleanse, a light peel and then the NCTF serum a cocktail of 59 vitamins and minerals. This is administered using a micro derma roller (0.3 mm depth), creating channels for the solution to penetrate deeper into the skin. The treatment is completed with a soothing hyaluronic mask which helps to hydrate and plump the skin.

Our NCTF treatment will have you looking and feeling radiant. Just one treatment will have your skin looking clearer, smoother and plumper!


Cryotherapy Massage

Cryotherapy is a therapeutic technique that involves exposing the face to cold temperatures for a short period. The Cryotherapy Massage involves, gently rolling the frozen globes along the contours of the face, neck, décolletage, and shoulders using slow, upward and outward motions for a refreshingly cold and soothing massage.

  • It’s anti-inflammatory, soothing and a very relaxing experience
  • Reduces puffiness (amazing around the eyes)
  • Reduces pore size and firms skin

Say goodbye to puffiness and hello to a brighter complexion!

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The Lymphatic Drainage Massage encourages the natural expulsion of toxins and excess fluid via the lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is in charge of collecting and eliminating the excess fluid, toxins and waste in your body. Our massage gently assists the body in this natural process.

By removing the toxins and fluids your face will look thinner, it’ll improve blood flow which improves the colouring of your skin and reduces dark circles and signs of fatigue!

Not only will you feel relaxed and pampered but you will look like you just returned from a month at a health retreat!


NOTOX Results!

NOTOX Signature Glow

Don't know if this is right for you?

Unsure if the NOTOX Signature Glow is right for you? Book your FREE consultation and speak to one of our expert therapists who will work with you to customise and recommend the best treatment program to help you achieve your body goals.

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What's Next


Book a consultation with one of our qualified and experienced therapists. During this consultation we will discuss your body goals, any concerns you might have, the risks of the treatment and the exact areas you’d like to target.


Your therapist will work with you to create a customised treatment plan that will help you achieve your body goals.


As a trained nutritionist, your therapist will also offer you nutritional guidance to help maximise your treatments and to ensure your results are maintained long after the treatments have been carried out.


Your NOTOX treatments will begin once your treatment plan has been mapped out and agreed on with your therapist.


On the day of treatment, measurements and photos will be taken to monitor your results.


Post-treatment, you will receive regular check-in phone calls and emails to see how you're tracking, and to answer any questions or queries you may have, post-procedure.


Follow up appointments are booked in to monitor progress of results through photos and measurements.


At every stage of the way, our highly trained therapists are here to support you, answer any questions you may have, and to ensure that your experience at Body Catalyst is a positive and smooth sailing one.

What They Say

I'm so happy with my fat freezing & cellulite treatment. Bianca & shelby are absolutely amazing at what they do. They are so knowledgeable & informed. They help you from the consultation right to the end of your treatments & everything in-between. I can't recommend these ladies enough xx
Katherine C.
04:01 16 Sep 23
I had the pleasure of having Maria do my treatment of fat freezing , she provided a deep understanding of the process and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. I definitely recommend this place especially Maria.
Tayls P
01:49 31 May 23
From the moment I arrived for my fat freezing treatment, the team at Body Catalyst Hampton made me feel welcomed and comfortable. I was introduced to Simona who would be looking after me during my treatment. Simona magically made my nerves disappear within a few minutes. I think she genuinely wanted to make sure that I was relaxed and that I got the most out of the treatment. It is hard to find good service in Australia these days, so when you receive good service it really stands out in the best possible way. Simona carefully explained to me what would happen during the treatment and this made a massive difference to my nervousness because everything went exactly the way she said it would. There were no surprises! I highly recommend Simona and the team at Body Catalyst Hampton.
Dean P.
07:07 13 May 23
After first treatment:I could not have chosen a better body sculpting clinic. I had my first fat freezing treatment at Burwood BC and I was amazed by the service and professional staff. My therapist/nutritionist Nancy explained me everything in detail, made me comfortable and at ease. I had an amazing time there. I can not wait to see the results:-).After 2 years of visiting Body Catalyst:Body Catalyst in Burwood is honestly my happy place. Not only they were able to shaped my body and I feel so confident but also I love the service and care they provide. My favourite treatment is fat freezing and I had great results. I could not even believe how well it works. I always feel so comfortable and they treat me like a princess. Always coming back:-). If I could give them more than 5 stars I would!
Klara H.
06:19 23 Mar 23
Thank you to Imogen and all the amazing team at Body Catalyst Kotara.You changed my life! I now feel great and confident in everything I wear.I am a fit and healthy 50 year old Naturopath. I am within my healthy weight range, exercise everyday and eat a healthy fresh food diet. Unfortunately like many, hormone issues years ago and age, I ended up with a belly that I could not shift. I tried everything to find my strong abs under there somewhere!My best friend convinced me to see Imogen. I must admit I was very sceptical at first. But Imogen's professionalism, knowledge and gentle caring nature gave me the confidence to try the Fat freezing and Skin tightening treatments. I really didn't expect much to happen but in just 3 weeks my stomach was already flatter.3 months later I'm no longer wearing suck me in underwear and now walking to and from the beach in swimmers and not hiding behind a towel or dress.Thank you again Imogen and team!
Hilary S.
08:42 27 Feb 23
Miriam attritubes core values and went beyond for me.She took the time to consult and assessed me. We established a treatment plan accommodating towards my body goals. Ive had treatment on the tesla chair and recently purchased more! I love the results and so does my partner!I was apprehensive about fat freezing but after Miriam explained the technology of their elite machine. She is well versed and has a wealth of product knowledge. Ive had one session of fat freezing and noticed a change already. I am super excited for my second season.I walk away feeling confident each time after treatment.Highly recommend!!
Vixy L.
02:05 22 Feb 23
I had fat cavitation with Priscilla and fat freezing with Samta over the last two months. Amazing results so far with the cavitation! Very lovely staff too - very caring and empathic, especially Priscilla who was my regular therapist. Having a regular therapist is very helpful too as they remember you and your preferences. I have already lost weight after 8 treatments!
00:20 11 Feb 23
I look forward to seeing the lovely team everytime I go for a treatment. I'm getting great results from the ultrasonic fat cavitation and fat freezing on my upper arms that I couldn't achieve by myself.
Angela On G.
23:45 21 Jan 23
I have been coming to Body Catalyst Warringah mall and have always enjoyed my visits, from the Tesla treatments for my abs or fat freezing to shift those unsightly pockets of fat to really relaxing facials which have all helped me to feel better and more confident in myself. All the staff have been friendly and supportive of my journey and always look forward to my time there
Brenda E.
23:01 21 Dec 22

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