Amazing result from my very first skin tightening treatment…*

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Published: August 23, 2018

I had such an amazing result from my very first skin tightening treatment. Being over 40, having developed pigmentation and showing signs of ageing my skin wasn’t as youthful and taught as it used to be. Moisturizers can only do so much so I went about searching for different treatments. I had botox to minimize and prevent further wrinkles and whilst I was happy with the results Botox only targets a specific area of the face and is quite costly. I was desperate for an all over face treatment but didn’t want anything invasive. My girlfriend mentioned skin tightening with Body Catalyst so after a consultation I had my first treatment. Much to my surprise and after the very first treatment I noticed immediate results, my skin looked refined, firm and wrinkles were less obvious, even my husband noticed! The treatment had also diminished the appearance of my pigmentation which I had tried treatments for in the past to no avail. All in all, a simple effective pain free non-invasive treatment that I can highly recommend. * Michelle from Bronte NSW

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